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Welcome to Brand Safari


A blog about customers and marketers. And the curious tango they dance together. Which I have chosen to express in the language of the Safari. Marketers find customers endlessly interesting. But are quite nervous of them and tend to watch them at a distance through binoculars. Researchers such as myself often play the role of the askari or safari guide. We don’t stay in the Land Rovers. Nor in the fashionable safari lodges. Our role though is more than marketing assistants. Its our job to keep the whole park working. Its not just about monitoring large primates. But making sure the environment is positive for all concerned.

Basically I want to use this blog to explore what lies beyond the industrial model of research which increasingly looks more and more like battery farming. Even though we have moved to a free range business model.  The growth of online brand communities, mobile phone surveys means we can do research badly and contaminate the very thing which sustains the marketing enterprise. Or we can move to a model of estate management. That’s the idea. I hope you find it interesting.

And I promise no animals will be hurt or killed in the course of writing this blog.

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